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14 September 2010

Author Interview with Glen Alan Hamilton

Disclaimer: By posting this interview I am in no way endorsing any of the authors work but rather simply giving a forum so they can promote their stories. 

DLC: Glen please introduce yourself to my readers.

GAH: Hey, folks. The name’s Glen Alan Hamilton, but you can just call me Glen. Oh, let’s see, I’m originally from a little town in Montana, where I spent my days as a child fighting the ravages of the winters in a one room school house and hunting for food with my bare hands. Okay, not really. I’m from the Big Sky State, moved onwards and upwards and found the love of my life who was from there too! We’ve been together something like a decade and a half and life just keeps getting better. I think eventually we’ll get out of the honeymoon stage, who knows?

DLC: (laughs) Cute I like that. What's your latest work about?

GAH: The latest is a collaborative thing called ‘Curved Space - The Adventures of Stella Star’. A fellow writing buddy of mine by the name of Richard Dean, who, by the way, I can’t say enough about, had this nugget of an idea to expand on the adventures of the lead character, played by the lovely Caroline Munro in the movie. We wrestled in some other great writers and an utterly fantastic artist and along the way managed to bring the director of the original movie, Luigi Cozzi, another fine gentleman as well, into the mix. Caroline herself read the book and loved it and was originally going to contribute something as well, but was too busy with her many personal appearances before it was time to go to press. But she read it and loved it and we did manage to get a great introduction out of her!
‘Starcrash’ was one of those great movies that was just sitting there in our collective storerooms of childhood memories. It came out in ‘79 and due to a lot of different reasons, thankfully, I think, didn’t garner those terrible sequel after sequel films. That left the ‘legacy’ of it solidly intact, but we always felt there was more to Stella’s story that needed to be told. Richard contacted Stephen Romano, who produced the ‘Starcrash’ Bluray/Dvd retooling of the movie and we got in on the ground floor of it and even got to name some of the ‘chapter’ selections for the movie!

DLC: Speaking of childhood memories, what inspired you to be a writer or have you always had a passion for writing?

GAH: I wrote all the time when I was kid. I still have a few of them, and they’re terrible of course (laughs), but it’s amazing how my tastes really haven’t changed. I wrote ‘sequels’ to my favorite movies and books and eventually started scribbling out my own ideas. I had stories published in school newspaper several times and sort of ‘lost my way’ on the writing front when puberty and the pursuit of music and the opposite sex set in. I spent a lot of years playing in bands and found I liked writing lyrics and staying home far more than the reality of being on the road. So I traded in the wood of the drumsticks back in for a solid desk and found the adventures on paper better suited me in my old age!

DLC:  If you could give advice to other authors or aspiring authors what would you say?

GAH: Write. Yeah, I know, but it’s that simple. And submit. I wrote things for years and years and never sent anything off. I just loved to write. I finally gave it to the constant ‘you should send these somewhere’ and ended up selling the very first thing I sent off. I’m terrible in the fact I write more for my own personal amusement than anything, and to scare my wife, but she thankfully kicks me in the butt about making sure I do more with something other than just chuckle and throw it in the corner.

What source or sources do you draw from when creating a new story?

GAH: I’m an observer. Always have been. I find people, their mannerisms, their actions, endlessly fascinating. I’m especially fascinated by those I just don’t understand. The flipside of that are those people who are just so entirely predictable. I think those things you discover as you get older, that yes, Virginia, there is no Santa Claus, make you long for those days when the world was a mystery. That’s what makes fiction so great. The entire world is made of stories just waiting to be told and you can twist those stories to your own twisted purposes if you want to.

DLC: What was your greatest challenge personally when writing your current story?

GAH: Trying to find that ‘inner child’ in me. The ‘Curved Space’ thing made me daydream back to a time when movies truly were ‘larger than life’. That whole sense of wonder, when you stood in line for hours and entertainment wasn’t just streamed to you on micro screens instantly, made me really aware of how much of the ‘magic’ of movies has gone out of our culture. That was really the biggest challenge, trying to translate that awe of worlds we’ve never seen and channel it into print.

DLC: Why did you choose science fiction as a genre to write in?

GAH: Science fiction, is, to me, the catalyst of our kind. Being, dare I say, a man of ‘intellect’, I find the progress of people so interwoven with the fiction of people it’s astounding. My friends and I talk endlessly about where we’d be as a culture if it wasn’t for Jules Verne, Asimov, etc. The discussions we’ve had about where we’d be if it wasn’t for people being inspired to actually create the things other dream up are endless. It’s been talked about endlessly other places, but really, how many times have you seen scientists and technologists say the whole reason they got into their field was because of ‘Star Wars’? I think the whole collective unconscious of mankind is connected with those that dream it and those that build it and looking back on the history of it, and the future of it, excites me to no end.

DLC: Do you have any favorite authors?

GAH: Well, myself of course (laughs). Okay, really there are so many it’s hard to nail down just a few. In the sci-fi realm, just tack on the big names, there’s a reason we know them and a reason we love them. Asimov always makes it first just because his books were so readily available at my school library and I gobbled them up like candy and yes, the taste still swirls sweet in my mouth to this day. In the horror field, I love Richard Laymon. His writing is so visceral and immediate. King always gets the nod and not for his ‘horror’, but the fact that if you took it out, the guys is just a master of telling stories about people. I’d have to throw in Bret Easton Ellis too just because of his writing style. It’s almost like a stream of consciousness that teeters on the brink of poetry.

DLC: Are you working on a book now and if so tell us a little bit about it?

GAH: I’ve just finished writing a book called ‘Everything August’ and am in that dreaded editing phase. The premise of ‘August’ is the basic good vs. evil, God vs. the Devil kind of thing, told without much of a ‘supernatural’ slant. And before anyone gets scared away by something involving a ‘religious’ theme, it’s told strictly from the layman’s point of view, which is the everyday man’s basic knowledge of all things biblical, which, good or bad, leaves a lot to interpretation and to mess with. And of course there’s plenty of action and mayhem to appease those that don’t care about any of that in the least. It’s more about the good and evil in all of us, but we do get to see the main baddie in the form of a lovely little gent by the name of the smiling man. I just really sort of fell in love with the underlying sinister tone his name brought to the whole thing.

DLC: Where can people go to get more information about you and your book?

GAH: You can go to my main website,
, where there are a few free stories to read when you drop on by. Just type my name into any search engine and the usual Facebook and MySpace sort of thing will pop up.
And of course, pick up your copy of ‘Curved Space’ today!

DLC: Thank you again Glen for taking the time to share with everyone and I hope for the best with your stories. 

Interview provided by G6 Chronicles
Daniel L Carter
Author of The Unwanted Trilogy


  1. Good show Glen, I'll be going to your website now to pick up a copy of Curvd Space today THANKS MUCH Ed

  2. Oh by the way Thats mort1s to you


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