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27 September 2010

Featured Blog Interview with Henry Brown: Two-Fisted Blogger

DLC: I want to welcome Henry Brown blog owner of Two Fisted Blogger. I'm so glad you took the time do this interview. So tell my readers what topics you normally blog about?

HB: Mostly, I blog about books. I have, and will, blog about movies, as well. From time to time I also mention developments concerning my own books. I'll blog on other stuff, too (I plan on posting a blog about great heavyweight boxers soon--inspired by my logo), but those are the staples.

DLC: That's great. You and my father in-law would get along great! lol He loves boxing. So what led you to start a blog?

HB: It's something I initially considered as an adjunct of my marketing efforts, but I was spread too thin already and didn't think I could invest the time. However, in the quest for an audience for the books I have published so far, I was repeatedly made aware of the fact that men have stopped reading recreationally for the most part. Some will argue about which is the cause and which the effect; but coincident with this phenomenon is the shortage of male-oriented fiction in available to potential readers--aside from some thrillers by some big names like Clancy, Cussler and Thor. This led me to create a Listmania on Amazon: Books For Red-Blooded Heterosexual Males. Then, when signing up to get my titles listed on Google Books, I mistakenly clicked on something that led me to a blog set-up page. "It must be destiny," sez I, and that's how it came to be.

DLC: I love it! How long have you been doing blogging?

HB: I just started in August. So far, I've been reviewing midlist fiction by traditionally published authors. Tonight (Sunday September 26, 2010) I just blogged my first review of an indie author's book. I plan to do this for more indie authors in the future, after I collect some more followers.

DLC: That's great. As an author myself it is always greatly appreciated when bloggers do a review. What sort of special features do you have on your site?

HB: I mentioned the book reviews. I'd like to participate in some blog tours, but don't exactly know how all that works, yet. And I'll probably do some author interviews, as well.

DLC: Author interviews are also an option on my blog. Just and FYI for your book. I know for me that sharing on my blog and promoting others is one of my rewards for blogging, what's the most rewarding aspect for you?

HB: Hmm. This hasn't happened, yet, but one thing that would feel rewarding is to hear from somebody who found my blog and enjoyed it or was helped by it. My Listmania has drawn some "helpful" votes and it's nice to know that others find my words of some use. A huge reward would be for my blog to help spark a revival in fiction for men.

DLC: Tell us what you like to blog about the most.

HB: Whatever ignites my passion(s). This can be in a negative or positive way. I have a couple pages linked on my blog of impassioned rants on certain subjects that irritate, frustrate, or infuriate me. But I prefer to let my passion flow when I really enjoyed something--a great book or movie, for example.

DLC: How often do you blog?

HB: I think I've blogged at least twice a week since I got started, and try to post more frequently on average. Some day, if my schedule becomes less grueling, maybe I'll blog daily.

DLC: Do you have more than one site?

HB: I have the website created for my military thriller (, plus I have a Facebook profile and pages for that book and my short adventure anthology (Virtual Pulp). I plan to start another blog devoted to biblical matters but don't know when I'll get that started.

DLC: That sounds very interesting. What kind of writing experience have you had?

HB: Published author. My military thriller Hell and Gone is available in paperback or ebook. It's received five 5-star reviews and two 4-star reviews on Amazon. My novel-length adventure anthology Virtual Pulp is available as an ebook in all the popular formats, and should be in paperback soon,

DLC: Cool. I think I have an idea on your answer to this next question but let me ask it anyways. In what way does your blog standout from other blog sites?

HB: Two-Fisted Blogger does not specialize in vampires, romance or chick-lit. It concentrates on fiction I like to call "dude-lit:" action-adventure; western; war; pulp; sci-fi; sword & sorcery/fantasy; detective...and all the hybrid genres that appeal to red-blooded male readers (like me). I have similar tastes in film. When I comment on culture or politics, it is plain to see my worldview is far removed from that of 99.9999999% of creative/artistic types with a platform to pontificate from. Oh yeah--I also have a daily Dilbert comic on the blog. That's my favorite strip and often cracks me up.

DLC: I love it!!! Dude-Lit!!! I'm right there with you. One of the main reasons I wrote my book The Unwanted was to try and write a book that would be more geared toward the male psyche. So are you currently running any promotions?

HB: Umm...follow my blog, buy my books, make me a bestselling author and I'll commit some random act of generosity. But seriously, I don't have any promotions going, yet, and am not sure yet how to arrange such.

DLC: Thank you so much Henry for sharing with us. I look forward to seeing more of you and your books in the near future.

For anyone who would like to check out Henry's blog please visit

Daniel L Carter
Author of The Unwanted Trilogy


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