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26 September 2010

Featured Blog Interview with Splash Of Our Worlds

DLC: Let me introduce Yiota G., Nina A. & Johnny B. owners of "Splash of our Worlds". Welcome to my blog. So what topics do you normally blog about?

YNJ: All of the posts are reviews. Most of the reviews are books but we also reviewing movies,music or even games.

DLC: What led you to start your blog?

Yiota: I believe it's important to share your ideas and thoughts with other people. I was reading reviews for a while and i thought why not? I might find someone there who likes the same things as me, and help him to pick up something. After that, i talked with some of my friends if they like the idea and they got in!

DLC: How long have you been blogging?

YNJ: It's only one and a half month but i think we are doin great!

DLC: What sort of special features do you have on your site?

YNJ: Obviously we have book reviews. We also do various memes from others blogs. And something unique is that we promote art as well. As for blog tours and author interviews, we are still kinda new so not yet. Of course we will have later. Already working on it. Right now we will take part at our first book tour by Dream Books LLC. Looking forward for many more though!

DLC: What is the most rewarding aspect of blogging for you?

YNJ: The exchange of opinions and ideas is the perfect thing. It always feel good to see that someone has read your post. That you are not writing for yourself. Even a simple thanks.

DLC: How often do you blog?

YNJ: Normally we have one new review every day :)

DLC: Do you have more than one site?

YNJ: Not really. Except DevianArt accounts since we writing/creating art.

DLC: In what way does your blog standout from other blog sites?

YNJ: While most of the blogs, like to concentrate on themselves we are trying to promote everyone without making the blog tiresome for the visitors. There are pages with all the blogs and giveaways we follow. There is directory for everything posted in the blog. And mostly, we try to update it everyday with new stuff.

DLC: Thank you for sharing with us. If any readers would like to check out "Splash of our Worlds" you can visit them at

Daniel L Carter
Author of The Unwanted Trilogy


  1. Thank you so much!
    I posted about it at our blog as well:)


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Daniel L Carter

Author of The G-6 Chronicles

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