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17 September 2010

The Principle of Giving

The principle of giving is a hard concept for many of us to grab a hold of. I'll confess that often the first thoughts that run through my mind whenever I am giving of my time or possessions is, "What do I get out of this? How can this benefit me?" I believe this to be a very human response and I'm sure that I'm not the only person who has these thoughts. However I am reminded as of late the importance of giving.

Let me define what I mean by giving: Giving of yourself or possessions for the benefit of others without expecting or demanding anything in return.

If you are doing something for someone else or giving them something yet expecting or asking for something in return then that is a barter of sorts. I give you five dollars and I expect you to give it back to me on payday. That is not giving that is loaning.

Let's take this scenario. A friend asks to borrow your car because theirs is in the shop. You don't really trust anyone with driving your car but you're tight on gas money this week. You decide to let your friend borrow your car as long as they put a few dollars of gas in the car. This is a great example of a bartering system. You're helping your friend out and they in return are helping you. Not a bad deal really but it's not classified as giving.

Let's take a look at this example. A friend asks to borrow your car because it's in the shop. You don't normally let anyone else drive your car but your friend is in a jam. You want to help them. (Here is where it becomes classified as giving) You're tight on money this week but you really want to bless your friend. So you decide to go down to the gas station and fill up the car to full and tell your friend that they don't need to worry about filling up the car when they return it. They have enough problems with having to pay for their car in the shop. You'll just have to do with less money for the week or until payday. (Sacrifice)

This second example is what giving is all about. It is a sacrifice of one's self and possessions for the benefit of others. You don't expect anything in return, your only goal is to help another person out in some way. Whether it's helping a friend move or helping an elderly person carry their groceries up a flight of stairs, not expecting or asking for anything in return is the sign of a true giver. Now the beauty of a true giver is that they will always reap great benefits in life. So I encourage all my readers, look for ways you can give to others. Not so that you will reap benefits but to be a blessing to others. Those are the types of people others want to be around and respect.

Daniel L Carter
Author of The Unwanted Trilogy


  1. Excellent examples. How much easier the first is than the second.

  2. Daniel, well said. All too often people fall into the first category, but how much better would our nation and world be, if the majority of us followed your sacrificial giving example?


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Author of The G-6 Chronicles

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